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Kagawaran ng Repormang Pansakahan
LTI OpTool
Centralized Information

LTI OpTool is the new centralized repository of LTI data, which ultimately replaces LADCARPER DB, CLOA-IS, as well as other LTI-related data sources. Changes to records here are reflected to all users (DARCO, DARRO, DARPO) instantly. No consolidation necessary.

Improved Collaboration

LTI OpTool offers a more efficient approach to working with LTI data. Users can now collaborate on tasks, and closely monitor the progress of each task. This will contribute to creating valid and accurate data sources, which will ultimately improve the over-all efficiency of DAR operations.

Near Real-Time Reports

Centralization of data translates to up-to-date reports. Report can be generated on a daily basis, reflecting the most recent updates to LTI data sources. Near real-time information will improve analysis and decision-making at the management level.



Access to this application is limited to authorized personnel only. Please be reminded that all actions are logged. For inquiries on access, feedback, or if you wish to report errors, please contact:

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